Find the perfect BINDER Incubator

for your requirements

  • Temperature range up to 100 °C (212 °F)
  • Interior volume from 0.7 to 28.6 cu.ft. with gravity (BD) and mechanical (BF, KB) convection
  • Large variety of options
  • Individual solutions
Branch / Area
Biotech & Pharmaceutical Industry Nutritional Medicine
Food & Beverage Industry Pathology
Hospital & Health Care Quality Assurance Department
Laboratories for Production Research Institutes & Universities
Microbiological Laboratory Tissue Culture Engineering
  • Microbiological Testing

  • Food Microbial Testing

  • Mixed Samples Testing

B.O.D. Tests Incubation with Unstable Environment
Careful Drying and Tempering Pathology Cut Tests
Entomological Studies Product Shelf life Tests
Enzyme Testing Seed Germination
Fruit Fly Culture Serum Studies
Studies of Haemic Diseases Storage of Chemicals
Incubation of Microorganisms Immunology
Incubation of Open Sample Containers Tissue Cultures (Plants and Insects)
Mixed Samples Testing with Additional Devices Long-term Tempering, Conditioning and Storage of Tests
Incubation of Closed Sample Containers Study of Growth Patterns of Plants and Iinsects
BINDER BD series

Incubators with gravity convection for open containers

BINDER KT series

Refrigerated incubator with Peltier technology